GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

Working with multiple sheets at once

Working with multiple sheets at once

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Working with multiple sheets at once

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View all sheets in the gallery

Click a section title in the Navigator (Data tables, Info sheets, Results, Graphs, or Layouts) to view thumbnails of all the sheets in that section. We call this the Gallery.

Use the Zoom buttons on the bottom toolbar to make the Gallery thumbnails larger or smaller.

zoom buttons

The gallery is useful for navigation and organization. Double-click on any sheet to go to it. Drag and drop thumbnails in the Gallery to rearrange sheets in a section.

Selecting multiple sheets

Check this option box below each sheet to select it. Alternatively, hold the Control key while clicking on several sheets.


Working with several sheets at once

Many commands are available that work on all selected sheets at once. Right click on the gallery to see a list of all available commands.

Print each selected sheet separately, or print a combined gallery page.




Send to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Magic. Make graphs consistent.

Apply a color scheme

Change the background color or plotting area color

Rename. Add a prefix or suffix to their existing names, or give all selected sheets the same name (followed by 1,2,3...).