GraphPad Prism 8 User Guide

New shortcuts to work more efficiently

New shortcuts to work more efficiently

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New shortcuts to work more efficiently

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We know that some people use Prism almost every day, so we work hard to provide time savers for frequent users. Improvements in Prism 7:

Create a new data table without a linked graph.


When creating a layout, assign a series of graphs so you don't have to add them one at a time.


Set a preference to make bar graphs without bar borders.

Reverse the order of legends instantly.

With parts-of-whole graphs you can now choose which data set to graph (these graphs can only plot one data set). Prism 6 only plotted data set A.

The script editor shows line numbers, making it easier to edit long scripts.

New script command to save all graphs or all layouts in a single pdf file.

The Wand graphs data on a new table just like you have already graphed another table (even if that table was not analyzed).

When editing an equation, the innermost parentheses around the insertion point are always highlighted to help you avoid mistakes that occur when you are lost in a sea of parentheses.