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Choose the model (equation) on the Model tab. This is also where you choose to eliminate outliers and to interpolate values from the fit curve.

Compare tab. Choose to compare the fit of two models to each data set, or to compare the fit of two (or more) data sets.

Constrain tab. Fix parameter values to constant values and/or designate parameters to be shared among all data sets.

There are many situations where you don't want to weight all points equally. Set unequal weighting on the Method tab.

Nonlinear regression is an iterative procedure. The program must start with estimated initial values for each parameter. It then adjusts these initial values to improve the fit. View those values on the Initial values tab.

Range tab. Set the X range of data to fit, the starting and ending X values for the plotted curve, and whether you want to view a table of XY coordinates that define the curve.

Output tab

Diagnostics tab. Prism can create more detailed results tables.

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