Compare GraphPad's four programs

GraphPad Prism

Understandable statistics, powerful curve fitting and publication ready 2D scientific graphs

Prism combines powerful biostatistics, curve-fitting, and scientific-graphing tools in a comprehensive program. Prism meets virtually all of the data-handling needs of laboratory researchers, especially biologists. Prism makes it easy to create highly-customizable graphs that can be exported as high-resolution image files for publications, PowerPoint presentations, Web sites, Word documents, and more.

While the statistical features of Prism and InStat overlap, Prism has much more statistical depth. Prism, but not InStat, can fit curves with nonlinear regression, can create and compare survival curves, can calculate two-way ANOVA, can compare linear regression lines, and more.

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GraphPad InStat

A less cumbersome alternative to heavy-duty statistics programs

Even a statistical novice can learn InStat and analyze data in just a few minutes. Enter your data, pick a statistical test, and see the results!

Even if you have a more powerful statistics program, you may still welcome InStat's simple step-by-step approach. Keep the big programs for complex problems, and zip through routine analyses with InStat.

InStat has only rudimentary graphing capabilities compared to Prism, and performs fewer statistical analyses. The exception is that InStat performs multiple regression and Prism does not.

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GraphPad StatMate

Calculate sample size and power

StatMate takes the guesswork out of calculating necessary sample size, and the power of an experiment to detect various hypothetical differences.

StatMate's wizard-based format leads you through the necessary steps to determine the tradeoffs in terms of risks and costs. There is no learning curve with StatMate because it is self-explanatory. All the documentation you need is built right into the program.

StatMate is an ideal companion to Prism and InStat, and does not overalap at all with the capabilities of those programs.

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GraphPad QuickCalcs

Free online scientific calculators

We have created dozens of free online calculators for radioactivity calculations, detecting outliers, t tests, randomizing, and much more.

QuickCalcs are free and there is nothing to install, so check them out.

A few of the QuickCalc calculators do analyses in Prism and InStat (i.e. t test, chi-square) but most of the calculators do not duplicate functions in Prism and InStat, and none duplicate the capability of StatMate. 

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