Activating a Prism license

Overview of activation

Starting with Prism 5.04 (Windows) or 5.0d (Mac), Prism must be activated after installing.  The following activation process is very straightforward and usually takes less than a minute. 

When you launch Prism for the first time the registration/activation process begins. The instructions below are for Windows, the screens are quite similar for Mac.  We've also created a short "Install and activate" YouTube video here.


The activation steps

Step 1: Enter your serial number and click Next Step.

Step 2: Prism will display a dialog with the Machine ID for your computer.  This Machine ID is generated by Prism to uniquely identify a particular computer. This value does not match any value used by the operating system or other software.  You will also see a button labeled 'Continue', 'Next Step', or 'Enter Activation Code'.  That is the button you click after registering Prism in the next step.  The labeling of the button depends on the version you are installing and the operating system.


Step 3: At the same time Prism displays the dialog box in step 2, it opens a registration form in your web browser. If the browser doesn't open automatically, simply point your browser to If you have to launch the form manually (which is rare), you'll need to enter your serial number and the machine ID. If Prism successfully points your browser to that page, the values are filled in automatically.

Step 4: Complete the following form with your email address and click the Submit button at the bottom.


Note: When you have correctly submitted the information on this form, you will see a message that says: "Thank you for subscribing!".

Step 5: An email will be sent to you that includes your activation code. It will come from with the subject line, "GraphPad Prism activation code". Please be patient as email can take some time to arrive.  You may also want to check your junk/spam folder as the activation email may inadvertently be flagged as spam.

This activation code allows a particular Prism serial (license) number to run on a particular computer.

Step 6: Return to the Prism activation window. From the screen in step 2 above, click Next step.  

Step 7: Copy the activation code from the email, and paste it into the text field to complete the activation and check the box to agree with the license agreement.  Prism is now ready to run after you click Start using Prism.



Q: The activation process did not work. How can I troubleshoot?
A: Start by reading a list all the problems we know of. If the answer is not found, submit your request at and we will be happy to help.


Q: How often do I need to activate?
A: The activation is a one-time process.  (If you replace or reformat your hard drive, you may need to activate again.)


Q: Does Prism "talk" to the GraphPad server?
A: Starting with Prism 6.06/6.0g, Prism periodically communicates over the network in order to perform license validation. As Prism communicates over standard HTTPS (port 443) protocol, extra network configuration is not typically required. Prism needs to access:


Q: What if I change the hardware on my computer (i.e. change the video card or hard drive)?
A: If the change is small, Prism will work fine. If the change is large, Prism may incorrectly determine that it is running on a different computer and ask you to activate again.


Q: Is there an inactivation procedure?
A: Often the need to migrate to a new computer happens when the first computer stops working. If this happens, submit your request at and we will walk you through the process of installing and activating on a new computer.


Q: What if I still have problems with activation?
A: submit your request at and we will be happy to help.

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