Sample Size & Power Analysis

Explore relationships between Power, Sample Size, and Effect Size. Now part of Prism Cloud.

Explore the relationship between Power,
Sample Size and Effect Size

Fully adjustable parameters to calculate key values. Determine the sample size needed to detect a predicted effect size, or find the smallest detectable effect size when working with a limited sample size.

Perform Power Analysis Easily

Walk through the analysis using detailed, intuitive explanations, or jump in with a default set of adjustable parameters

Multiple experiment designs

Choose the most suitable experimental design for the research you want to perform.
Tailor your sample size to the specifics of your study, ensuring that each experiment is sufficiently powered to detect your predicted differences or relationships. Optimize your research efforts by starting with a solid foundation in experimental design and statistical planning.

User-friendly interface

Make confident choices using a clear, simple interface providing contextual explanations for every option. Get to your results faster through the use of good, sensible default values to streamline calculation

Clear explanations of results

Understand the relationship between sample size, power, and effect size in your experiment.
See how different parameters influence the outcome of the study.

Power Analysis Highlights


  • Multiple experimental designs to choose from
  • Fast and interactive data exploration and graphing
  • Simple and clear explanations of all statistical terms and choices
  • Intuitive interfaces suitable for both newcomers and biostatisticians

Maximize the impact of your research with our advanced Power and Sample Size Analysis feature. Designed specifically for scientists, it ensures you achieve statistically significant results without unnecessary resource expenditure.

Optimize your experiments from the start by accurately determining the ideal sample size needed to detect true effects. Streamline your research process, conserve valuable resources, and boost the reliability of your findings—all within one platform. Make every study count with precision planning and analysis.

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