What's new in GraphPad Prism 6.01

Prism Windows 6.01 was released early in October 2012. information about Prism Mac 6.0b


The biggest fix is to the activation system. About 1% of the people using Prism 6.00 Windows had a problem where changing network connections would prompt Prism to "think" it had been moved to a new computer and initiate the activation process again. Prism 6.01 revamps how Prism detects the identity of your computer to prevent this problem. You may need to activate Prism one more time, but that activation should stick.

Data analysis fixes

  • Changed the alert in the "O vs. E" analysis when the sum of the expected percentages is close to 100%. With fractional percentages and computer round-off, it was sometimes impossible to get the analysis to run, because that sum would be close to (but not equal) 100.000%.  Now you get a choice to go back and edit the expected values, or to go on and do the analysis even if they don't sum to precisely 100%. 
  • Fixed the problem when transform of a curve only worked on the first selected column.
  • Fixed Prism when it used wrong row in the results of Two-Way ANOVA analysis as a control row. This only happened when the index of the selected row in the Parameters dialog was greater than the number of columns in the analyzed Data Table.

Other fixes

  • .PZF files are smaller. Prism 6.00 added some extra (unneeded) information to most analyses, increasing the size of the .PZF file, sometimes substantially. .PZFX files are smaller too, but the not by much. 
  • Fixed the problem when the color of curve on a graph reverted to black after changing it via contextual (right click) menu and switching to another sheet.
  • Fixed the problem when Prism Demo and Prism full release were installed in the same folder by default. This caused problems if you uninstalled the demo after installing the full program. 
  • Allows use of system variables in ConfigSetup.xml. See our IT Guide for details.
  • If you entered data as mean, +error and -error, Prism 6.00 didn't always plot those error bars. 

Fixed crashes

  • After deleting info sheet from search result gallery.
  • After trying to delete a column title in Format Data Table dialog by pressing backspace or delete button.
  • On exporting empty result sheet. after pasting a graph from Excel that had been converted (to GraphPad Prism 4\5 object) 
  • On selecting a range of cells in the info table. Same as p5.
  • When try to import data from Excel files using the "skip" and "unstack" options in the import dialog. Same as p5.
  • Ater pasting graph from MS Excel 2007.
  • While moving a graph on the layout sheet or showing sheet's tooltips in the Navigator if DisplayFusion Pro v4.0.1 is running.

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