Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

ANOVA is the go-to analysis tool for classical experimental design, which forms the backbone of scientific research

Run all types of ANOVA in Prism

Including one-way, two-way, three-way nested, repeated measures, and more.

Performing ANOVA in Prism

Execute an ANOVA in 3 simple steps:

Enter Your Data

Prism offers easy-to-understand data table formats to enter the values from your experiment.
There are plenty of helpful examples that show you how to organize the data for your particular experiment.

Run Your Analysis

Prism can perform traditional repeated measures ANOVA with complete data and will automatically switch to a mixed-effects model when data are missing.

Custom Visualizations

Go from data to elegant, publication-quality graphs - with ease.
Prism makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, receive feedback from peers, and share your research with the world.

Involve your team at any step in the process.

Share your data, analyses, and graphs in one click.

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ANOVA Highlights

Prism is purpose-built for scientists, and at the heart of scientific research is experimental design and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

Choosing the correct ANOVA model can be challenging. With most statistical software programs, trying to figure out whether you fit the intended model is also difficult. Prism is different.

By asking relatable, jargon-free questions, Prism makes choosing the correct ANOVA model simple and transparent.

ANOVA can be used to answer research questions:

  • Which experimental factors affect the response variable? And How?
  • Do factors in the model interact with one another?
  • How do treatment factors perform compared to a control or a placebo?

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