How do I transpose columns and rows of a Prism data table?

Transposing means that every row becomes a column, and every column becomes a row. There are three ways to transpose in Prism.

  • From the data table, click "Analyze", then choose "Transpose" from the list of data manipulations. The transposed data will be on a new results table. 
  • Copy a block of data to the clipboard (from Prism or another program). Put the insertion point into the upper left corner of the block where you want the data to go. Choose "Paste Transpose" from the Edit menu or from the shortcut menu you see when you right click.
  • When importing data, you can choose to Transpose in the Placement tab of the Import dialog.

Perhaps you don't want to transpose, but want to swap the X and Y columns. This is possible via the Transform analysis.

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