How to update from Prism 7.04 to 7.05 on Windows

Last modified August 27, 2018

Prism 7.04 (Windows) has a minor bug that makes the update process slightly more complicated. This bug does not affect the performance of Prism.

Please follow these instructions if you are currently running Prism version 7.04 on Windows and wish to update to version 7.05, released on August 27, 2018.

Option 1: If you have a Prism subscription, download from My Account

This option will only work if you have a Personal or Group subscription license. If you have a Prism 7 perpetual license, please skip to Option 2 below.

First, log in to My Account and download the new Prism 7.05 installer. For group license administrators, you will find the installer behind the "Install" tab.

Once you have downloaded the installer, install Prism 7.05 over version 7.04.


Option 2: Update within Prism

Open Prism and click on the Help > Check for Updates... menu option:


Then click on the "Yes" button in the dialog when prompted to update to the latest version:


Important: Keeping clicking the "OK" button in the debugging screens that appear next, until you see the updater process launch. You might see up to 15 of these dialogs, which can be safely ignored, since they are internal debugging information that does not affect the update process.


You will know when the updater starts once you see this screen. Continue to click "OK" until the smaller dialogs appear completely and you only see the updater window:

Allow the updater to complete the installation process.

Once the installation process has completed, re-launch Prism and verify that you are now on Prism version 7.05 by clicking in the Help > About Prism menu option:


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