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PDF files of GraphPad help and manuals

FAQ# 2    Last Modified 20-July-2017

GraphPad Prism 7

We do not provide printed manuals. The help is online (web-based) so we can update it frequently. All three guides are also available as pdf files:

GraphPad Prism 6

GraphPad Prism 5

Prism no longer comes with printed manuals.

All the information about Prism (including statistics and regression) is contained in one unified and searchable help system. This is installed automatically with Prism (including the free demo). It is also available on the web.

Here are links to most portions of the Prism 5 help as pdf files. 


We do not provide the User's Guide portion of the Help as a pdf file, as the cross references and links provided in the help are very useful, and it wouldn't be very useful to read it from top to bottom.

GraphPad InStat 3

Graphpad StatMate 2

Old versions

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