Prism 8 Release Notes: What's New & Improvements

Last modified October 16, 2018

Introducing all-new graphs, data tables and analyses.


  • Mixed effects model for analysis of repeated measures ANOVA with missing data
  • Multiple Variables Data Table for Multiple Linear Regression Analysis
  • Nested Data Table for Nested t test and Nested One-way ANOVA (Mixed Effects Model)
  • Violin Plots for data distribution visualization.
  • Grouped graphs that show both bars and individual points.
  • Draw lines or brackets with centered text. Ideal for placing significance asterisks.
  • More normality tests and plotting.
  • More comprehensive options for one-, two- and three-way ANOVA.
  • Graph customization and annotation options
  • And much more!

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  • Better data distribution visualization
    • Create Violin Plots for data distribution visualization
    • Scatter plots showing data distribution without “smiles”
  • Choose to display both individual data points as well as a bar and error bar for grouped graphs
  • Generate Smoothing Splines and Akima Splines for your scatter plot data
  • Annotations for bar graphs
    • Label bar graphs with mean, median, or sample size on top or within the bars
    • Place bar labels within - rather than under - bars of bar graphs
  • Draw lines and brackets with centered text - indicate statistical significance with asterisks
  • Adjust the color of any block of values, such as sub-columns in Grouped data tables, or rows in Column data tables
  • Improved options for coloring and labeling Heat Maps

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  • Perform Multiple Linear Regression with the NEW Multiple Variables data table
    • Perform Poisson regression for count data
    • Indicate which main effects and interactions to include along with transformations of parameters in the model
    • Compare two alternative models and compare goodness of fits
    • Test for residual normality and parameter multicollinearity
  • Extract and rearrange data from Multiple Variables data table to other data table types
  • Perform “Repeated Measures ANOVA with Missing Data” using Mixed Effects Model (automatically)
  • Other major ANOVA improvements
    • Analyze Three-way ANOVA in any or all of the three factors
    • Correct for lack of sphericity using Geisser-Greenhouse correction
    • Test for homogeneity of variance using Spearman’s rank correlation test for heteroscedasticity
    • Perform One-way ANOVA without assuming data sampled from populations with equal standard deviations (Brown-Forsythe and Welch ANOVA)
  • Perform “Nested t tests” and “Nested One-way ANOVA” using the NEW Nested data table
    • Avoid pseudoreplication by accounting for actual (or “biological”) and technical replicates
  • Test column data for Normality and Lognormality and test whether data more likely came from Normal (Gaussian) or lognormal distribution
  • Automatically create Volcano Plot after performing Multiple t test Analysis

See all analysis features in the User Guide

Performance Improvements

  • New Windows 64-bit version for handling larger data sets and faster computation
  • Import and export larger Excel, TXT and XML files
  • Better support for high DPI monitors and DPI-switching awareness when dragging application windows across high-DPI and non-high-DPI screens
  • Increased performance of plotting graphs with a huge number of bar labels set to row numbers
  • Non-linear regression is 1.5x faster than in Prism 7
  • Exact nonparametric tests (Mann-Whitney, Kruskall-Wallis, Spearman correlation, Binomial test, etc), are 2x faster in than in Prism 7
  • ROC curve analysis on huge samples is up to 10x faster than in Prism 7
  • (Windows) Increased performance on switching between date and time tables and linked sheets, as well as opening Prism files containing such tables (dates and times)
  • (Windows) Increased overall performance of saving and opening PZFX files
  • (Windows) Increased the performance of creating series - especially for large data series
  • (Mac) Increased performance on switching to data tables by dynamically adjusting column width when there are many rows

Bug Fixes

Over 50 bug fixes, including:

  • Fixed missing CI for transforms defined as X[1] if asymmetric confidence intervals were chosen
  • Fixed the issue when Prism got confused by rows it needs to skip while doing curve comparison in survival analysis
  • Fixed the issue when no multiple comparison values were present in results if interrupt calculating exact P value using Kruskal-Wallis method in one-way ANOVA analysis
  • Made it possible to move multiple selected sheets in the gallery mode at once
  • Fixed the issue when heat maps could not be created from tables with many rows
  • Fixed the issue when connecting lines were shown behind the error envelope on graphs, but should have been above
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue where the height of the legend key was defined by the size of only the very first symbol directly after the key
  • (Windows) Fixed the strange black wedge that unexpectedly appeared in the EPS file exported from Prism
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue when the curve color did not match symbol color if some data sets were removed from the graph
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue that the hooked coordinates for the grid lines did not automatically hook to the new duplicated analysis when cloning the graph
  • (Windows) Fixed crash on duplicating family
  • (Windows) Fixed crash after you delete data tables and linked sheets and undoing the delete command
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue when individual formatting of data points was lost on a grouped graph with points after duplicating family and applying some changes in a range of Y axis
  • (Windows) Improved usability of vertical scrolling in data tables, so that, it is not so fast and can be interrupted
  • (Mac) Fixed the issue when alignment of graphs was lost on layout sheet after re-opening Prism Win project in Prism Mac version
  • (Mac) Fixed the issue when the labels of additional ticks, starting with the thirty-first tick, get clustered in the upper left corner of the screen
  • (Mac) Fixed the issue when 'Align Middle' and 'Align Center' options worked incorrectly for selected drawing objects

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