Prism and Windows 11 Compatibility

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We have identified and fixed a number of issues related to the compatibility between Prism and Windows 11. Generally, Prism runs fine on Windows 11. However, a number of issues have been identified and fixed in Prism version 9.3.0 (the issues listed on this page will be present in Prism versions 9.2.0 and older). We will continue to test and fix any additional issues that we find in newer versions of Prism that are released, and will include all of the issues that we fix in the list below.

We recommend that you update to Prism 9.3.0 (or newer versions when they become available).

The details

Most of the issues identified between Windows 11 and Prism are related to Prism's stability when performing actions related to the Magic and Clone features for duplicating graphs. Additionally, there are two minor UI issues that have been identified.

All of these Windows 11 issues have been fixed in Prism 9.3.0, and we recommend updating to this version (or newer versions when they become available).

Here is the list of issues specifically related to Windows 11 that have been fixed in Prism:

  • After inserting a graph as an OLE object in Microsoft Word, double clicking on the object causes the following alert to (incorrectly) appear: "The program used to create this object is Prism9. That program is either not installed on your computer or it is not responding. To edit this object, install Prism9 or ensure that any dialog boxes in Prism9 are closed."
  • Prism crashes when attempting to perform the Magic operation for graphs that contain curves
  • Prism crashes after clicking the "Back" button in the "Clone Example" dialog invoked for graphs created from any analysis while other Prism documents are open
  • Prism crashes when attempting to switch to the "Clone a graph" tab in the Welcome Dialog if another open Prism document contains unvisited graphs
  • Prism crashes when attempting to switch to the "Clone a graph" tab in the Welcome Dialog if another open Prism document contains graphs created by Multiple variables analyses
  • Prism hangs when attempting to invoke the "Magic" dialog a second time if - on the previous attempt - the alert "There are no other graphs in the project" appeared
  • An unexpected alert appears when attempting to perform the "Magic" command if two or more Prism documents are open
  • The Close (X) button in the "Search" field of the Navigator appears to be blinking while hovering the mouse over it
  • The appearance of the selected item in the "Create New Layout" and "Format Layout" dialogs is incorrect (the selected item does not appear to be selected even though it is)

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