What's new in GraphPad Prism 7.0c for Mac?

This lists new features in GraphPad Prism 7.0c for Mac. What was new in 7.0b?   

  • You can now turn on logging from Prism's preference dialog, to help diagnose unusual problems. 
  • Prism crashed on changing area fill position to 'Within error bands' for a XY graph with 'Each Replicate' appearance.
  • If you selected and Grouped drawn objects, it was not longer possible to change the graph type.
  • Prism got confused and froze when you opened a file with a heat map with row titles when the table the row titles came from had been delee.
  • Log2 axes sometimes showed axis numbering with too many digits after the decimal.
  • Y scale bar was absent on graph if you choose 'Hide both X and Y' item in 'Hide axes' drop-down in 'Frame and Origin' tab of 'Format Axes' window.
  • Automatic saving of backup files is much faster in some cases.
  • Transposed row and column labels of transposed heat maps were clipped when that graph was placed on a layout.
  • Paste Transpose sometimes forgot the first row.
  • Calculation of Spearman correlation is much faster now. 

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