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What's new in GraphPad Prism 7.03 for Windows?

FAQ# 2047    Last Modified 13-February-2017

This lists new features in GraphPad Prism 7.03 for Windows. What was new in 7.02?    What was new in 7.01?     

  • When simulating data, all the data sets got the same parameters. Parameters you entered for the second (and beyond) data set were ignored.
  • Results of multiple t test were confusing (row titles not matched with results) if some data rows were excluded.
  • Prism crashed on updating links from an MS Excel file shared via OneDrive service. 
  • If you use Windows 10, but set Prism to compatibility mode with Windows 8,  Prism crashed on launch.
  • Improved the auto recovery system after a crash.
  • When run on a high-resolution display, graphs were too small when placed on layout placeholder.
  • Log2 axes sometimes showed axis numbering with too many digits after the decimal.
  • If you used the command to enlarge a graph to fill a page and the graph title was long, the graph titles overlapped with axis numbering. 
  • Prism won't plot error bars when they are too small to fit in the symbol. But with asymmetric error values or log axes, the error bars might fit in one direction but not the other. Prism now handles this situation correctly. 
  • The preference, "When copying, omit background, make the pasted object clear" did not work if you also set the preference to copy as Emf(old) or Emf+ .
  • With huge graphs, was not possible to change the position of the Y axis title by entering a distance in the "TItles and Labels" tab of Format Axis.
  • If you copy a graph with embedded results table to a layout, the layout also included an extra placeholder. 
  • In rare cases, Prism crashed when you dropped the Help menu.
  • An easier way to turn on logging to diagnose rare problems: Hold Control while opening the Preferences dialog and use the new Support tab.


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