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What's new in GraphPad Prism Windows 7.02?

FAQ# 2022    Last Modified 9-August-2016

Prism 7.02 began beta testing on August 9, 2016.

This lists new features in 7.02. What was new in 7.01?

Important fixes

  • We fixed a long-standing bug in the Wilcoxon matched-pairs test. Details
  • Prism is now much smarter about opening partially damaged files. 
  • Confidence and prediction bands created by nonlinear regression were always with 95% confidence even if you picked 90% or 99% or some other values. 
  • If you opened a file created with Prism 6 using a custom color scheme, Prism 7 would set many colors to white making the graph invisible. 
  • Crashing after selecting and deleting a huge block of values on a data table.
  • When you fit a line or curve, Prism automatically puts the line or curve on the graph to match the color of the symbols. But if you used open symbols, it matched the color of the interior rather than the border. In many cases, the interior color matches the page background (white) so the line or curve was invisible. 
  • Several fixes when importing text files so Prism is smarter about figuring out when the first rows are column titles and when the first column is row titles. 
  • No more zombie notes. Prism often displays notes or warnings about graphs in gray floating notes, for example if some points are off scale or if some error bars are too small to show (because they are smaller than the symbol). You can delete these notes, but until now they came back when the graph was redrawn. With 7.02, when you delete them, they won't appear again until you reopen the file or edit the data.  

Other fixes

  • When you used a log2 axis scale, axis numbering was often ugly with lots of extra digits after the decimal point.
  • If you try to generate a curve (plot a function) using an IF() statement, you weren't able to assign values to parameters first used in the IF statement. 
  • Prism had trouble importing/pasting XY data when the X column was dates or times.
  • Bar spacing was not always correct when opening Grouped graphs created in Prism 6.
  • Major tick was not present on left Y axis when it equals maximum axis range.
  • Incorrect values in 'Distance from axis' edit field of 'Titles & Fonts' tab in 'Format Axes' window.
  • When you perform non-repeated-measures two-way ANOVA, with unequal sample size, there are several ways to compute the results. Prism has always computed "Type III" sum-of-squares. With 7.02, it now labels the results as such to avoid ambiguity.
  • Importing/pasting images is much faster.
  • The Volcano plot portfolio file only linked 96 rows of data from the analysis back to the second data table. Now it links the entire column, so the file works as a template for any number of rows of data.
  • Stacked bar graphs sometimes had an extra tick making the graph ugly.
  • Fixed crash with importing huge text file delimited by tabs.
  • Problems displaying Kanji (Japanese) text within user-defined equations.
  • Fixed problems with pasting, where Prism didn't  correctly identify row and column titles.
  • Incorrect error message when plotting geometric mean from data with missing values. Prism interpreted missing values as zero, so showed a note saying geometric mean cannot be computed.
  • In rare cases, linear regression would report the results correctly but would not draw a regression line. 
  • Y axis title position would sometimes change when opening a Prism file embedded in Word or PowerPoint.
  • Y axis range would sometimes change when opening a Prism file embedded in Word or PowerPoint. 
  • Corners of bars would be curved rather than square when exported as pdf.
  • Files created in Prism 6 using antilog axes sometimes showed extra numbering on the axis.
  • Axis numbering in scientific notation scientific notation showed an unnecessary leading zero  (10^02, 10^03, 10^04). Fixed to show 10^2, 10^3...
  • The field to enter the distance of a title from the axis isn't automatically updated in the last tab of Format Axes.
  • Imported images can be distorted (wrong aspect ratio).
  • Very long row titles got truncated if they included super or subscripts or Greek or Math symbols.
  • Description of sine wave equations fixed to note that the Phaseshift parameter is in radians, not the units of the X axis.
  • Improve appearance of subscripts in column and row titles.
  • Linear correlation analysis was too slow. Faster now.
  • Column graphs of Grouped data entered as mean, n and SD or SEM wouldn't show line at mean.
  • Linear regression interpolation didn't show all the results when unknowns for interpolation for several data sets were on the same row in the data table. 
  • After upgrading from Prism 6 to Prism 7, if you double clicked on a .pzfx file, Windows sometimes tried to launch Prism 6.
  • EPS files exported from Prism that include text with Greek letters could not be opened by Illustrator.
  • When Prism 7 opened files created with Prism 6, rarely text would disappear from graphs.
  • Point-to-point connecting lines (with different colors) in XY graphs were sometimes lost when graph sent to PowerPoint. 

Improvements to installation and activation

  • When the prism-config.xml was updated with a new serial number for silent activation, it was not activating with that new serial number


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