What's new in Prism Mac 6.0e?

This page lists the changes in Prism Mac from 6.0d to 6.0e (released Mar. 24,  2014). If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.0b,  6.0c and 6.0d

This page is for Mac only. A seperate page lists what's new in 6.04 Win.

New feature

  • New script commands, WBlock and WTBlock. These commands let you specify a block of cells on any table to output to the text file specified in OpenOutput.
  • Additional column of labels for multiple comparisons results of one-way ANOVA, so each comparison is labeled both by column names and also (new) column letters (i.e. "D-B").
  •  The "Show tooltips" preference now applies to graphs and layouts sheets as well as the toolbar and navigator.
  • Thumbnails of sheets in Prism gallery are now numbered.  This helps when using scripts or talking about Prism projects over the phone.

Important fixes

  • Problems with error bars on log Y axes when you specified upward pointing error bars only. If it would have been impossible to plot a downward pointing error bar (because the bottom value would be negative, not allowed on a log axis) Prism wouldn't even plot the upward pointing error bar and would display an unhelpful gray floating note about it being impossible to plot error bars (because negative values can't be shown on log axis). 
  • Magic did not change the symbol type, size, and color correctly for column scatter graphs. Also Magic did not change the fonts of axis titles, when it was supposed to. 
  • If you duplicated huge families, then saved the file, Prism sometimes showed "Unable to open the file you are requested" when you tried to open it.
  • Prism no longer freezes or crashes when it opens a file that inlcudes graphs that try to graph data sets that have been deleted.  
  • When moving objects, hold the shift key to move only up or down, or hold the command key to move only right or left.
  • If you changed error bar direction using the short cut menu, the change wouldn't stick when the file was saved and reopened. Details
  • Labels created with "Additional ticks..." didn't maintain their position when the file was saved then reopened. 

Other fixes 

  • Clearer labeling of hazard ratio in Survival analysis, with "A/B" and "B/A" labels in two places.
  • Fixed bug where if the upper error bar doesn't get plotted, no more error bars were plotted.  
  • Fixed the problem when a lot of blank free space was left within a gallery after scrolling to its bottom. 
  • The results page name for correlation matrix now states whether the results are Pearson r or Spearman rs.  
  • Custom (additional) ticks replaced row titles, set as regular ticks. 
  • Prism 6 uses single precision to store results (but double precision to calculate them) and the seventh digit is not completely accurate. Before Prism would show one seventh digit and screen and export another. Now it is consistent.
  • Message about clipped error bars came up incorrectly when the error bars are median and range or IQR. 
  • Replaced the floating note "The geometric mean cannot be graphed for #n# values, because they are zero or negative. " with  "The geometric mean is undefined when any values are zero or negative, which is the case #n# times on this graph."
  • Magic occasionally crashed when used to change many sheets at once.
  • Prism would freeze when you view the "XY Graph, Points" created by the Frequency distribution analysis (as relative frequency). 
  • A grouped graph's default axis range was wrong when the data table contained transposed pasted data.
  • The graph type sometimes switched when opening a file made from a template created using previous version of Prism.
  • Residual plots created by linear or nonlinear regression did not have the automatic dotted horizontal grid line at Y=0 if the analysis was run from the graph (as opposed to from the data table).
  • Fixed updating of custom ticks hooked to an analysis constant after changing data analyzed and switching back to graph.
  • Adjusted P values in One-Way ANOVA's multiple comparisons are now right justified like the other results.
  • Improved the error message when you try to perfrom repeated measures ANOVA without enough data to "Prism can only perform repeated measures ANOVA when every subject has data at every time point."
  • Fixed the Format Point feature for data points if some data in data sets is missing. 
  • Pictures, imported to Prism's graph, could appear in the wrong position in exported layout.
  • Fixed the problem when the prism.exe process was left hanging after it had been run from the command line using an incorrect script file as a parameter.
  • Simulate XY data analysis was renamed after second re-applying changes in the parameters dialog. 
  • If your X values are a series, rather than values you entered and can edit, Prism is unable to use the feature on the Range tab to only fit data within a certain range of X values. The nonlinear regression results now show a floating note warning when you try to do that.
  • If you cut an entire row, or part of a row, that contained a row title, the row title in the next row down was deleted as well.
  • Fixed the floating note included with some Contingency results analyses to say "Calculation of 95% CI of the difference between proportions requires at least six subjects in each cell.". It incorrectly said "five" instead of "six".
  • The color of the line within a legend didn't always update when you changed the color of the curve. 
  • Now saves file in a format so Prism Windows can open it properly,  if radiobutton "Unlinked picture. Cannot be edited" was selected in "Place Graph on Layout" dialog.
  • Prism Mac couldn't save project over a network to a Windows folder with permissions "Write only".
  • Prism sometimes crashed when adding a lot of data sets to an existing graph. 
  • If you set the direction of labels under the axis using the contextual (right or control click) menu, those changes didn't stick. 
  • Problems with scientific log format.
  • The Column Statistics analysis wouldn't work (incorrect message 'No calculations selected') when you only selected  Column sum and/or confidence intervals.
  • When you selected a block of data and then chose to format the corresponding points,  it was impossible to change the border color of open symbols.
  • Improved autorecovery of damaged files.

Installation etc. 

  • Prism now expires at midnight of the last day, rather than  a day earlier as it did before.

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