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Does Prism Mac support the OSX features, Spotlight Quicklook and Automator?

FAQ# 1158    Last Modified 1-January-2009

Yes.  GraphPad Prism versions 4 and later work with Spotlight and Automator. Prism 5 and 6 (but not 4) works with Quick Look.

When you install or update to Prism Mac 4.0c or later, the necessary extra files are automatically installed. Or install this Spotlight Importer and this Automator Action for Prism 4.

Spotlight lets you instantly find files in your computer by searching for text within the file. With the Prism importer installed, Spotlight will find projects created with Prism 3, 4, 5 or 6. It will find text anywhere in the file (sheet names, graph and axis titles, legends, text objects, equations, notes, info constants, row and column titles, custom ticks, floating notes, and template descriptions). Just click the Spotlight icon, and type the text you are looking for. Spotlight will instantly show you all files (including Prism files) that contain that text.

Spotlight is for Mac only. Windows users: Read about Google GDS.

Quick Look lets you see Prism graphs before you open a file. While in Finder, choose a Prism file and click the spacebar. You'll see the Prism graph(s). You can also see those graphs using Cover Flow. You can only see graphs that don't contain any fit lines or curves, any embedded results tables, or any inserted analysis constant. Cover flow does not provoke reanalyses, so cannot show graphs that include analysis results. The exception is .pzf files (contrasted with .pzfx files) saved in full format (compact is not selected in preferences) and the graphs were viewed in Prism after the last time the data were edited. 

Automator lets you easily automate workflow, including passing information from one program to another.  The input is a file containing a Prism script, or the script itself as text. The output is either the word "Done" or an error message.

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