When the Prism Mac 5.0d updater doesn't actually update...

Last modified March 22, 2009

The Prism Mac 5.0d updater, as its name suggests, updates Prism Mac 5.0a, 5.0b, or 5.0c to 5.0d.  What's new?

While the updater usually works perfectly, occasionally it can hit a snag. If it doesn't work for you, these tips might help. Alternatively, submit your request at to access a link to a full installer (rather than updater). Include your serial number with the request.

  • The updater expects to find Prism 5.0c in a folder named "Prism 5" within the Applications folder. If you have renamed that folder, the updater won't find it. But you can specify the new location/name in the top of the third step of the updater. 
  • The updater expects the Prism 5.0c application to be named "". If you have renamed it, rename it back.
  • If Prism 5.0c is running while the updater works, all the files will be updated and you won't see any warning. But when the update is done, Prism 5.0c will still be running.  Quit Prism and then launch it again to use Prism 5.0d. 
  • If you have set the Prism folder or application to have "No access" in the Sharing and Permissions section of Get Info, set it back to Read only or Read&Write.
  • The updater will know about Prism 5.0c only if it was installed the usual way. If you dragged a folder from another computer, there will be no 'receipt' in the library folder, and the updater won't work. In this case, we can send you a full installer. 
  • The updater cannot update from a beta-test 5.0d to the final 5.0d. If you used the beta test, and didn't already get the link to the full installer, please write for one.
  • You cannot update the Prism Mac demo. Instead, download and install it again. Your 30 day time period will not be reset. 

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