What's new in InStat 3.1?

Last modified June 19, 2009

New features in InStat 3.1

  • The biggest change in InStat 3.1 is that it can handle larger data tables. The maximum number of rows has been increased tenfold to 10,000. The maximum number of columns has been doubled to 52. 
  • Better compatibility with current versions of Windows and Mac OSX, and their help engines.
  • InStat now displays a progress dialog for lengthy calculations, and gives you the chance to cancel when a calculation takes too long.
  • The Mac version now requires OSX 10.3 Panther or later. InStat no longer runs on OS9. 

Bug fixes

  • Linear regression with replicated data. Prior versions wouldn't work if there were missing values, or if the replicates were really tight (leading to math errors).
  • Fishers exact test. With perfect data, prior versions sometimes reported P values greater than 1.0, when the correct result is 1.0.
  • Mann-Whitney test. Prior versions did not correctly adjust for tied values, when the ties were entirely within the second group.
  • Wilcoxon matched pairs test. As part of the results, InStat also performs Spearman (nonparametric) correlation to test for whether there is significant pairing. InStat always correctly reported the one-tailed P value. One-tailed P values aren't used often, but are correct here. You want to know that the degree of positive correlation is greater than expected by chance. But when that one-tail P value was between 0.025 and 0.05, prior versions of InStat wrote the wrong conclusion about statistical significance. Now the written conclusion matches the P value (which was always correct).
  • Bartlett's test as part of one-way ANOVA. Prior versions of InStat Mac sometimes skipped this calculation, reporting zero.
  • Fixed several problems involving use of commas as decimal places. 
  • Importing. Previous versions did not import values in scientific notation, and sometimes skipped the last value in the bottom row. 
  • Fixed the problem when it was impossible to input negative values in exponential format with negative mantis into the application.
  • Fixed the problem when InStat quit without saving the opened project, after cancelling "Save As" dialog.
  • Fixed the problem with the InStat Guide that was hard to close on Macs using Leopard. 


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