What's new in Prism Mac 6.0b?

Prism Mac 6.0b was released in mid October 2012. Information on Prism Windows 6.01. 

Data analysis fixes

  • Fixed incorrect calculations of P value in Mann-Whitney test for large N
  • The "O vs. E" analysis always defaulted to the binomial test, even though that test works with only two rows. 
  • Changed the alert in the "O vs. E" analysis when the sum of the expected percentages is close to 100%. With fractional percentages and computer round-off, it was sometimes impossible to get the analysis to run, because that sum would be close to (but not equal) 100.000%.  Now you get a choice to go back and edit the expected values, or to go on and do the analysis even if they don't sum to precisely 100%. 
  • Fixed the problem when transform of a curve only worked on the first selected column.
  • Fixed Prism when it used wrong row in the results of Two-Way ANOVA analysis as a control row. This only happened when the index of the selected row in the Parameters dialog was greater than the number of columns in the analyzed Data Table.
  • Fixed Plot a Function analysis parameters dialog, so OK would work if the project was created in Prism 5.
  • Fixed Help link after clicking Interpret button in result sheets of "Identify outliers" analysis.
  • Fixed Help link after clicking Interpret button in result sheets of "Compare observed distribution with expected" analysis.

Other fixes

  • If you entered data as mean, +error and -error, Prism 6.0a didn't always plot those error bars. 
  • It was impossible to save file after clicking Undo after deleting an image imported onto layout.
  • Dimensions of drawn objects from the project created by Prism 5, with height or weight less then 0.1 in., appeared changed when project was opened by Prism 6. 
  • Very short axis ticks looked much smaller (almost invisible) in Prism 6 then in Prism 5. 
  • The Analyze Data dialog sometimes unexpectedly opened on "Wand.Wizard to analyze data" pane.
  • The Wand sometimes analyzed the wrong data table. 
  • Fixed additional ticks on an axis that were not aligned. 
  • No longer crashes after performing "Undo" operation with Parts of Whole Graph.
  • The built-in equation files are much smaller (but contain the same information)
  • Pictures (not graphs) copied from one Prism project and pasted on another would appear as a red X, after the file is saved then reopened. This problem won't be created by 6.0b, but pictures copied using 6.0a will need to be copy/pasted again.


The biggest fix to Prism Windows 6.01 is to the activation system. The problems it fixed were on Windows only. Prism Mac activation has worked fine, so has not been changed in 6.0b. 

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