Where can I find the Prism viewer?

Last modified January 1, 2009

The Prism viewer is a utility that allows people who do not own Prism to view files created by any version of Prism. This viewer lets you examine and print all parts of a Prism file – including data, analysis results, notes, info constants and graphs – but does not allow you to make any revisions to the file.

Windows and Mac: With the release of Prism 7, there are no longer separate Windows or Mac installers for the Prism viewer. Instead, when the Prism trial expires (or a Prism subscription expires), the program reverts to being a nonexpiring viewer. 

iPad: Go to the app store to download the Pad version. You can open Prism files from email or from iCloud or DropBox (or other cloud services). 

Older Prism 6 viewers: Download the Windows version or the Mac version,



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