New script commands added since the release of Prism 4.00 and 4.0a. 

Last modified January 1, 2009

If you use Prism 5:

 Read about all the script commands in Prism 5.

If you use Prism 4:

These script commands were added after the initial release of Prism 4, so are not documented in the User's Guide.

Closes script dialog. Only use at the end of the script as any remaining lines are not run.
SetScriptDialogTitle [title]
Rename the Prism Script dialog the user sees while the script is running.
SetGraphTitle [title]
Creates or changes the title of the current graph.
SetAxisTitle [Y, Y2, X], [title]
Set the title of the specified axis  (Y2 is the right Y axis) in the current graph. You may use %F  (name of most recently imported file) or %N (loop number if doing simulations) when entering the title.  
Deletes data in the current data table. The difference between "DeleteAllDataSets" and "clear" is that "DeleteAllDataSets" command deletes data sets with all the data and links to graphs, while clear command deletes only the content of cells leaving data sets linked to graph.  Delete script command is similar to Delete... command from the Edit menu, and Clear script command is similar to Clear script command.

ExportEMF [filename] clear
This command (Windows only] exports in the newer EMF format. The option "clear" means leave the background transparent. Otherwise, the background from Prism is exported.

ApplyMethod [filename] "<prefix>"
This command was added in release 4.03 and 4.0c. It works only when the current sheet is a data table or a result table that can be analyzed. The [filename] is a Prism file saved as a method (from the File..Save special command). The analyses and graphs in that method file are performed on the data table, creating new sheets whose names are preceded by the prefix.  Enclose both the file name and the prefix with quotation marks if either contains spaces.

Changes to existing commands:

  • The WCell command (and Wcol, WTcol, Wrow, WTrow, Wsheet commands with release 4.02 and 4.0b) now work for info tables, as well as data and result tables.
  • The SetInfo command now lets you use %F to insert the most recenlty imported filename into an info table.

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