Prism 8.0.1 Release Notes

Prism 8.0.1 was released on December 04, 2018.

Feature Improvements

  • When normalizing, added a new option to define 100% of each column as the average of all values in that column
  • Multiple regression now reports the numbers of independent variables and cases (rows). 
  • Prism now remembers how large you left the Family panel and restores it to that size when launched
  • Windows: Enabled horizontal scrolling for Family panel
  • Windows: Multiple linear regression now informs you (floating note) when you added a new variable in the data table that it is not automatically included in the fit

Performance Improvements

  • Windows: Improved speed of drawing graph thumbnails in gallery mode 
  • Windows: Improved performance of displaying thumbnails in "Clone a Graph... Saved examples" in the Welcome dialog

Analysis Bug Fixes

  • Now displays residual and homoscedasticity plots for one-way ANOVA (in 8.0.0, all Y values were 0.0).
  • Fixed empty result sheet when first column in data table is empty and analysis is performed with first row as the baseline
  • Fixed "Transforms to report" when entering a user-defined equation to allow X[50] or Y[50] syntax
  • Fixed nonlinear regression when you constrain a parameter to between 0 and a specified value but the initial parameter value did not obey that restraint (best-fit values and R^2 were wrong)
  • Fixed Poisson multiple linear regression with large values
  • Fixed results for two-way ANOVA with one factor when data is excluded and "One family for all comparisons" analysis option is selected
  • Fixed crashing when performing three-way ANOVA with mixed effects model and using the "Compare each cell mean with every other cell mean" option
  • Fixed nonlinear regression when a parameter is constrained to be less than 0 or greater than 0 and the best fit value of is very close to 0
  • Mac: Fixed disabled "Replicates" section for Mean/SD[SEM, CV]/N format in "Parameters: Linear Regression" dialog
  • Mac: Fixed issue whereby "Remove baseline..." was using incorrect data set as baseline when another data set above the selected baseline was excluded from the analysis
  • Mac: Changed the order of the Output and "N=" controls in "Parameters" dialog for multiple analyses
  • Mac: Fixed issue with Poisson multiple linear regression not plotting actual vs predicted values correctly with huge Y values

Graphing Bug Fixes

  • Fixed order of legend in multiple comparisons graph for two-way ANOVA to match the order of data sets
  • Fixed issue wherein smaller bars became hidden behind larger bars when the “Superimposed” option was chosen for “Relation of data set with the previous one”
  • Fixed bar graphs losing bar fill when making formatting changes
  • Fixed Separated Bar graph to default to labeling the horizontal axis with  Row titles instead of Column titles
  • Fixed Violin graph issue with autolimits after changing "Scatter", "Scatter with bars" or "Bar" from the "Nested" graph family when "Median" option was previously selected
  • Fixed situation in XY graphs where Prism 8 differed from Prism 7 when automatically determining range and origin
  • Fixed issue with autolimits in Stacked Bar graphs when plotting data sets on the right Y axis and source data table contains negative values
  • Fixed issue of lines/brackets with centered text drawn on graphs being unexpectedly moved after saving and reopening files
  • Windows: Fixed missing error bars with dotted lines on XY graphs when first row in data table is empty
  • Windows: Fixed symbols, lines and error bars of one data set appearing on graph when area fill of another data set overlaps them
  • Mac: Fixed tooltip overlapping with lines when drawing objects in graphs
  • Mac: Fixed issue of "1-Jan-1601" appearing unexpectedly when segmenting X axis and using the Magic feature
  • Mac: Printing thumbnails from the Gallery now prints them all (not just the first ten)
  • Mac: Fixed issue with "Error bars are clipped at the axis limit" floating note appearing unexpectedly in Box and Whiskers and Violin plots when minimum range is not equal to 0
  • Mac: Removed unnecessary (and potentially confusing) choices for "Interleaved", "Stacked", "Superimposed" and "Separated (Grouped)" in the "Relation of selected data set with the previous one" from the Format Graph > Data Sets on Graph dialog for Nested graphs

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed automatic recover of files that were damaged by a prior Prism macOS version truncating the file contents when working on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Fixed crash when attempting to delete multiple data tables with linked sheets
  • Fixed zoom to center on cursor position instead of page center when using CTRL + mouse scroll
  • Fixed linked sheets not appearing in extended family pane when multiple sheets are selected
  • Fixed situation where Prism was crashing when using Magic in rare situations
  • Fixed situation where Prism was crashing on switching between graphs in rare situations
  • Windows: Fixed timeout settings for Prism connecting to GraphPad servers on launch
  • Windows: Fixed hanging or crashing after sending multiple large layouts to MS PowerPoint
  • Windows: When you select multiple graphs in the navigator, they are now also selected in the gallery
  • Windows: Fixed crashing when opening large project files containing a lot of text and drawing objects
  • Windows: Fixed crashing when opening project files when preferences contain a large number of autocomplete strings
  • Windows: Fixed lost symbol from graph when pasting into MS PowerPoint as an image and symbol was chosen from "Recently used symbol"
  • Windows: Fixed missing symbols when "Insert Character" recently-used panel was used in Prism 7
  • Windows: Fixed text on graphs and layouts appearing as unselected after changing font family or size
  • Windows: Added progress bar when plotting large data tables
  • Windows: Updated Prism to use Internet Explorer 11 for rendering update release notes
  • Windows: Improved validation tests for Windows App Certification Kit
  • Windows: Fixed scrolling on high DPI screens when scaling is set to 150% and Prism is not in full-screen mode
  • Mac: Fixed nested data tables to no longer show Row Title column by default
  • Mac: Fixed issue whereby scrolling too far to the left was causing Prism to unexpectedly switch to the previous results or data table
  • Mac: Fixed issue with copying/pasting multi-line data table column or row titles into sheet names in navigator
  • Mac: Fixed crashing when switching to Homoscedasticity plot from Multiple linear regression analysis if data were excluded
  • Mac: Fixed issue with "Report differences" dropdown menu not saving custom choices and displaying in "Parameters: Nested t test" dialog
  • Mac: Fixed issue with "Report differences" dropdown not accommodating multi-line column titles properly
  • Mac: Fixed issue in macOS 10.14 whereby Heatmap graph settings was affecting contextual application menu

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