Prism 8.3.1 Release Notes

Prism 8.3.1 was released on January 19, 2020.

Happy New Year 2020!

Analysis Improvements

  • Added the constant “X at 50%” to the “Best fit values” and “Std. Error” sections of “Simple Logistic Regression” in the “Hook Constant” dialog
  • Added “Type III” to the “SS” header in 3way ANOVA results if the design was unbalanced
  • Shortened the default titles of graphs automatically generated by Simple and Multiple Logistic Regression
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which curve ranges were no longer defined automatically after performing simple Logistic Regression analysis with “Make these options the default…” option checked
  • (Windows) Improved the behavior of the Define Model tree control in the Multiple Linear and Multiple Logistic Regression parameters dialogs, specifically when selecting groups of sub-nodes
  • (Windows) Improved the behavior of the “t distribution with df” stepper control on the “Random Variation” tab of the “Simulate Column Data” parameters dialog
  • [x32] Fixed the crash that occurred when performing Multiple Linear or Multiple Logistic Regression with more than 255 data columns
  • (Windows) Added a tooltip that appears when hovering the mouse over the “Hook” button in the “Simple Logistic Regression” dialog

Other Bug Fixes

  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which cell values were not shown on heat maps when the option to label each cell with its value was selected in the “Format Graph” dialog
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which a row of crossed blank cells unexpectedly appeared on heat maps after pasting an additional column of empty cells to the source data table
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which pasting data as HTML from Prism 8.3 into older versions of MS Excel (MS Office 2007, 2010) did not work
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which data copied from Prism’s data or results tables were lost from the Clipboard after closing Prism
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which all items disappeared from the Family pane after invoking the contextual menu for a sheet thumbnail while in the gallery view mode if more than one data table had been previously selected
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which the results sheet was not empty after deleting all data from the source data table and visiting the graph linked to the analysis
  • (Windows) Fixed the data loss issue in which values containing spaces as group delimiters were partially pasted into Prism’s data table when space was defined as a grouping symbol in Windows regional settings
  • (Mac) Improved performance of duplicating families with multiple linked sheets
  • Fixed the issue in which the alert “This file was created by a new version of Prism” did not appear in previous versions of Prism 8 after opening a Prism 8.3 project with Logistic Regression results

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