Prism 8.4.3 Release Notes

Prism 8.4.3 was released on June 16, 2020.


  • Updated the "Personal Support" command in the Help menu of Prism to navigate to the online support web form
  • Improved the auto-recovery feature to handle files with a huge amount of results

Analysis Bug Fixes

  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which curves from nonlinear regression were not shown on newly created graphs when individual graphs were created for each data set and all X values were negative
  • (Windows) fixed the issue in which curves from another results sheet of nonlinear regression were unexpectedly added to the graph after re-opening the project
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which data on the Curve tab of the results sheet would disappear if any analysis value was hooked to a constant from the parameters of another analysis

Graphing Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue in which violin plots would disappear from graphs using a logarithmic scale if the bottom of the violin extended into negative values
  • Fixed the issue in which Violin plots did not appear on a graph with a "Probability (0..100%)" scale if the upper/lower adjusted values extended beyond this range
  • Fixed the issue in which Prism did not correctly determine the range of the Y axis when creating a nested (non-truncated) violin plot
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which error bars on the edge of the axis range limit were corrupted
  • (Windows) Fixed the issue in which drawn objects had been rotated appeared corrupted and placed at the wrong position after saving a project on Mac and re-opening on Windows
  • (Mac) Fixed an issue on macOS Catalina in which asterisks disappeared from the textbox of line-with-text objects

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