How do I distribute a group license?

The annual Group subscription option is the best option for multiple users. When you purchase a subscription license, we set up an online account for you to download and distribute your Prism license and monitor your group's usage (not available with personal licenses). Additionally, you can add alternate administrators to help you manage your subscription.

Your group license type determines how you manage seats in My Account and distribute activation information to end-users.

If you have a Serial Number in a format such as GPS-9872345-LAT1-#####

  • Invite users via "Managed Allowed Users"
  • Users will be able to activate with the provided Serial Number, their email address and an activation code. See how
  • Alternatively, you can configure silent activation.
  • If you permanently decommission a computer, or if a user leaves your group without first uninstalling Prism from their computer and you want to reclaim the activation, you can permanently deactivate your license from that computer via your Prism My Account page, which will free up that activation to use on a new computer.


If you don't have a Serial Number

  • Invite users by email address under "Manage Seats"
  • Users will receive an email notification with installation and activation instructions
  • Users can set up login credentials and activate directly in Prism. See how
  • You will be able to monitor and manage users and their devices in My Account
  • Users are able to self-manage their device activations


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