Prism Cloud Publication Limits

When publishing a project to Prism Cloud, there are a few different types of file size limitations that you may encounter. This page provides information on these different types of limitations, as well as suggestions for how Prism projects can be modified to meet these requirements.

Types of Prism Cloud Publication Limits

Project file contains too many sheets

When publishing a project to Prism Cloud, a project can have a maximum of 500 sheets (graphs and layouts). This is a total count of sheets, meaning that if you have a project that contains 400 individual graph sheets and 200 layouts you would not be able to publish this project to Prism Cloud as it would contain a total number of sheets greater than 500.

Project file is too large

Prism Cloud checks the total file size of a project as part of the publishing process. Any project that is larger than 50 MB will not be published to Prism Cloud. Be aware that Prism Cloud is actually checking the total size of the published assets (sheets). Since a Prism project file consists of more than just the individual sheets, the total size that Prism Cloud determines when checking against this limit may be different than the size at which the file is stored on your device. However, most Prism projects are generally less than 1 MB and even those that contain numerous high-resolution images stored on graphs come in at around 20-30 MB.

Individual asset (sheet) is too large

In addition to checking the total file size (see section above), Prism Cloud also checks the size of each asset (sheet) being published to Prism Cloud. If any individual sheet is larger than 10 MB, the project will not be published to Prism Cloud.

What to do when a Prism Project exceeds these limits

Suggestion #1: Delete sheets

If you've exceeded the total number of sheets limitation, one obvious solution may be to simply delete some sheets. This works if some sheets are no longer needed or redundant. However, it's not always reasonable to assume that this will be the case. So there are other possible solutions below.

Suggestion #2: Split the project

When a project contains too many sheets or is too large overall, splitting a single large project file into multiple smaller project files may help keep these projects under the publication limits. To split a Prism project file, you'll want to select the family of sheets that you want to save as a separate project file. When you select any sheet in Prism, that sheet's Family will be identified in the Family Panel of the Navigator. Note that you can select a single sheet or select multiple sheets (using Prism's Gallery View) to select multiple different families. Once you've selected all of the desired sheets/families, open the File menu and select "Save Special > Save Family As...". This will create a new Prism project file with the selected families that can now be published to Prism Cloud (assuming that the new project file is within the limitations given on this page).

Suggestion #3: Reduce the file size of embedded images

If a project contains a lot of high-resolution images pasted or added to Graph or Layout sheets, the Prism project file (or an individual sheet) may exceed the size limitations given above. This is especially true for large, vector-based image file types (such as WMF or EMF). One option to reduce the size of the sheets being published to Prism Cloud is to simply reduce the file size of the added image(s). For vector-based images, consider converting these to a raster file type (JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, etc.). Prism doesn't have any built-in tools to perform this sort of action, but this process can be done in any graphics/image editing software or using available tools online.

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