What's new in GraphPad Prism 6.07?

This page lists the changes in Prism Windows from 6.05 to 6.07. If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.01,   6.02,  6.036.04 and 6.05.  (Release 6.06 was only released to a few people.)

This is for Prism Windows. Another page lists updates in 6.0g Mac

This release fixes dozens of problems. Only the most important are listed below. 

Analysis bugs

  • Fixed bug in Spearman correlation P value. Details
  • Fixed a rare bug in Mann-Whitney test. Details
  • In very rare cases, Prism could report a negative value as the Standard Error of a parameter fit by nonlinear regression. The correct value is the absolute value of the reported negative value. 
  • When entering user-defined functions, you can now designate the common (base10) logarithm as either log10(Y) or log(Y). Prior versions only accepted log(Y).
  • If you request the Y intercept at a nonzero X value in Deming regression, Prism reported the results incorrectly.  
  • Fixed several bugs in nonlinear regression fitting a model defined by a differential equation. 
  • Survival analysis reported empty results when the data table had more than 60,000 rows.
  • If you want to choose a specified set of column pairs to compare after one-way ANOVA, Prism now lets you choose up to 40 pairs (earlier releases of Prism 6 stopped at 20).
  • The confidence intervals of sensitivity and specificity were always 95% confidence intervals, even if you chose another confidence level. 
  • The confidence intervals for odds ratio, relative risk and difference between proportionswere blank if you entered your own confidence level, and didn't choose the standard  80%, 90%, 95%, 98% or 99% confidence level.
  • The K2 value was blank in the D'Agostino-Pearson normality test for for unusual data sets.

Bugs with border colors

  • Individually assigned border colors of symbols and bars appear lost when opening a project created in Prism 6.04 or earlier. 
  • Custom border color, applied to the Scatter/Aligned dot plot (when bars are also plotted), is lost when sending graph to PowerPoint. 
  • Border color of open symbols within a project created by Prism 6.04 or earlier appears black. 
  • Custom color applied to the bars' borders is lost after project re-opening if graph contains bars and symbols. 
  • Impossible to change border color of all graph points at once 

Other fixes

  • Prism can now be launched even if the the MacType font smoothing application is running.  
  • You can now paste " .00" and have it correctly interpreted as a zero.  
  • Rare crash when script command changes to new sheet while autobackup is turned on.  
  • When you plot a graph with both bars and points and the data ranges from negative to positive values, the bar baseline is now zero rather than Ymin.
  • Box and Whiskers graph of XY data table does not display correctly when the Y axis uses a logarithmic scale. Ditto for scatter plot with bars. 
  • Hot link between Graph and Analyze sometimes didn't work.
  • Crashing when opening a file on a networked drive when switching sheets.  
  • Image, pasted from FlowJo to PowerPoint and then from PowerPoint to Prism, appears corrupted. 
  • Improved progress reporting for lengthy analyses.
  • All drawn objects (lines, arrows, boxes...) were placed behind the graph, and couldn't be moved forward. Now they are drawn in front of other objects, but can be sent back.  

Licensing etc. 

  • Prism silently activate a new license immediately, rather than waiting for the expiration date of the prior license.   
  • Prism now requires connection to the internet at least once every 30 days, or every 20 launches (whichever comes sooner).
  • If you ask Prism to create a log (for troubleshooting), it can now open and save files more quickly. 
  • New method for determining machineID, bypassing WMI, which caused problems. 
  • If you try to use an earlier release of Prism 6 after running 6.06, you will need to reactivate again. If you really need to run several releases of Prism 6 on one computer, contact us to receive the "IT Guide" which explains how to designate "license-file-directory" option in StartupConfig.xml.
  • Prism will now self-heal "error 14", so long as you are connected to the internet.
  • Fixes problem with some people who are repeated asked to activate the license due to changing MachineID, which should uniquely and permanently identify your computer, but in fact was fickle on some computers.

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