What's new in GraphPad Prism Mac 6.0f?

This page lists the changes in Prism Mac from 6.0e to 6.0f (released August 19,  2014). If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.0b,  6.0c, 6.0d and 6.0e

This page is for Mac only. A seperate page lists what's new in 6.05 Win.

Prism 6.0f was released twice, in August 2014 and then on Sept 3, 2014. The only difference is that the latter release has a different code sign, so it will be accepted by Gatekeeper with the latest release of Mavericks and with Yosemite. 


  • Removed the alert asking "activate for one or for all users?" when activating silently.
  • The Tab key now moves the focus between the navigator and the gallery window.  
  • Changed the default default Graph zoom settings in the Prism preferences to 'View entire graph'.
  • Opens large files much faster. 

Minor calculation issues fixed:

  • Cumulative frequency distribution analysis gave slightly inaccurate (in sixth or seventh digit) fractions or percentages with huge data sets (many thousand values).
  • Nonlinear regression would crash Prism when fitting a curve with parameters shared, but the first data set is completely empty.
  • When data were entered as Mean, n, and SEM or SD, or if data were entered as single Y values without replicates or error values, main effects multiple comparisons tests after two-Way ANOVA were not performed.
  • The option on the Range tab of nonlinear regression to ignore all data outside of specified range could not be used when the X values were a series (so the X column was shown as bold).
  • When fitting a curve using weighting by 1/SD^2, it is not possible for Prism to draw confidence bands. Now that choice is gray. 

Bugs fixed

  • Crashes when opening some file containing  images from Powerpoint files that included tiff images. 
  • Flush justification was not applied to text object when all text is selected.  
  • The settings for the "style" of the "error bars" in the 'Format Graph' dialog was not saved after the project is saved and re-opened.  
  • If an XY graph showed individual replicates, it was not possible to right click and choose Format Points.
  • Additional grid lines didn't always show dotted/dashed properly.
  • Multi-line column labels do not show up in the multiple comparisons results of one-way ANOVA.
  • The position of custom labels on the graph changes after re-opening some files. 
  • Incorrect help link in 'Import and Paste Special Choices' dialog.  
  • The monochrome export option didn't work for JPG.  
  • Prism ignored the setting to use row titles for X axis labeleing if the first Y column was empty.  
  • The choice to separate groups on a graph with a grid line did not work correctly for "Symbols+lines" grouped graph with even number of data sets.
  • Additional ticks sometimes were not aligned with each other. 
  • It was impossible to add additional ticks to segmented axes. 
  • It was sometimes nearly impossible to move legends and titles on a graph.
  • If you placed a graph on a layout in using the option "Unlinked picture. Cannot be edited" , that layout would not display properly in Prism Windows.

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