What's new in GraphPad Prism Mac 6.0g?

This page lists the changes in Prism Mac from 6.0f to 6.0g. If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.0b,  6.0c, 6.0d,  6.0e and 6.0f

This page is for Mac only. A separate page lists what's new in 6.07 Win.

Analysis bugs

  • Fixed bug in calculating the P value from Spearman correlation. Only affects analyses where Rs was negative, where some values were tied, and where an exact P value was computed. 
  • Fixed bug in Mann-Whitney test that resulted in some P values being a tiny bit off. Details
  •  The confidence intervals of sensitivity and specificity were always 95% confidence intervals, even if you chose another confidence level. 
  • The confidence intervals for odds ratio, relative risk and difference between proportionswere blank if you entered your own confidence level, and didn't choose the standard  80%, 90%, 95%, 98% or 99% confidence level.
  • The K2 value was blank in the D'Agostino-Pearson normality test for for unusual data sets.
  • The schematic graph shown in the 'Substrate Inhibition' equation was incorrect.  
  • If you want to choose a specified set of column pairs to compare after one-way ANOVA, Prism now lets you choose up to 40 pairs (earlier releases of Prism 6 stopped at 19).
  • In very rare cases, Prism could report a negative value as the Standard Error of a parameter fit by nonlinear regression. The correct value is the absolute value of the reported negative value.
  • When entering user-defined functions, you can now designate the common (base10) logarithm as either log10(Y) or log(Y). Prior versions only accepted log(Y).
  • If you request the Y intercept at a nonzero X value in Deming regression, Prism reported the results incorrectly.
  • Fixed several bugs in nonlinear regression fitting a model defined by a differential equation.
  • Survival analysis reported empty results when the data table had more than 60,000 rows.

Bugs fixed that appear only in Yosemite

  • It was not possible to zoom in and out with two fingers on the track pad using Yosemite.  
  • When assigning a color of any graph's element in Format Graph dialog via entering gray scale value in color picker, the background color also changed.
  • It was impossible to use 'Clear' checkbox so it was impossible to have clear/transparent objects.
  • On new Macs with ForceTouch trackpads, using the navigation panel on the left was very very sluggish.

Note that we are not able to fix EPS export. With early releases of Yosemite, Prism exported  EPS files that were zero bytes long so useless. Apple fixed this problem in an update to Yosemite.

Fixed bugs that also affect earlier releases of OSX

  • Point-to-point (and staircase) connecting lines did not work properly when a point situated out of the plotting area in in Survival graphs and in XY graphs, regardless of graph settings.  
  • The first segment of the show survival curve did not appear when the X axis range started at a value greater than zero.
  • If you individually assigned border colors of symbols or bars in 6.0d or earlier, these would be lost when you opened the file.
  • Prism sometimes crashes when using Magic tool.
  • When the Y axis range goes from a negative to positive value, the baseline for bar graph was Y min (but is now zero), when you plot both points and bars.
  • When you select two objects and align them, it was not possible to move them by mouse or by nudging with the arrow keys.
  • The draw menu appears but immediately disappear so was not functional when Prism is expanded to full screen.
  • Border color of open symbols within a project created by Prism 6.0e or earlier appears black. 
  • Box and Whiskers graph of XY data did not work correctly when using a logarithmic Y axis.
  • Prism would sometimes crash when you delete a sheet from a large project.
  • If you selected the "scatter plot with bars" graph and also chose a logarithmic Y axis, the bars were drawn incorrectly.
  • In some circumstances, Prism would not correctly bold the names of linked sheets in the navigator.
  • Improved activation system.


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