What's new in Prism 6.05?

This page lists the changes in Prism Windows from 6.04 to 6.05 (released July 17, 2014). If you are updating from an earlier release, see what was new in 6.01,   6.02,  6.03, and 6.04

This release fixes dozens of problems. Only the most important are listed below. 

Graphing issues fixed:

  • Downward pointing error bars on column graphs sometimes didn't show. Details
  • SD and SEM error bars on XY graphs with a logarithmic Y axis were not correctly shown. Error bars were fine on linear axes, but not when the Y axis was stretched to a log scale. This was only a problem with XY graphs. Grouped and Column graphs were fine. Calculations of SD in analyses were also fine. The problem is only with displaying error bars on XY graphs with a logarithmic Y axis.
  • When exporting from Prism 6 Windows to EPS, black colors sometimes appear gray. Details
  • Duplicating graphs linked to empty data sets will crash Prism. Details
  • Prism gets confused (and won't let you save a file) when you embedded a table on a graph but then deleted the source data. Details.
  • Fixed the Prism crash on pastingTIF image from PowerPoint 2007.

Minor calculation issues fixed:

  • Cumulative frequency distribution analysis gave slightly inaccurate (in sixth or seventh digit) fractions or percentages with huge data sets (many thousand values).
  • Nonlinear regression would crash Prism when fitting a curve with parameters shared, but the first data set is completely empty.
  • When data were entered as Mean, n, and SEM or SD, or as single Y values without replicates or error values, main effects multiple comparisons tests after two-Way ANOVA were not performed.
  • The option on the Range tab of nonlinear regression to ignore all data outside of specified range could not be used when the X values were a series (so the X column was shown as bold).

Other issues fixed

  • After pasting large amounts of data onto a data table, the vertical scroll bar was not reset so it was not possible to scroll the bottom of the table (without visiting another sheet first).
  • It was not always possible to scroll the graph gallery page to see all the graphs.
  • Additional tick labels were not always aligned.
  • Colors in exported EPS files can be wrong. Details
  • Other improvements to exporting to EPS.

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