What's new in Prism Mac 5.0f?

Last modified August 28, 2012

Prism Mac 5.0f fixes several problems, most of which only matter if you use OS X Lion (OSX 10.7) or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8). Updating to Prism 5.0f (Mac) is free to everyone who owns a nonexpired license to Prism 5 Mac. You may update even if you use Leopard or Snow Leopard, but it won't matter much.

If you are using an version of Prism 5 Mac prior to 5.0d, see the list of changes and fixes in 5.01 (5.0b), the list of changes in 5.02 and 5.0bthe list of changes in 5.03 and 5.0c, and the list of changes in 5.0d

  • Pasting data copied from Excel crashed Prism (Mountain Lion only).
  • If you hook an analysis constant to any analysis parameter dialog, the link was not "live" as it should be. If you change the data, the first analysis updated, but the hooked analysis constant did not, so the second analysis was not updated. In fact, all subsequent recalculations appeared to hang until the user relaunched Prism. Recalculate All did not work. The only work around is to not use hooked analysis constants with Prism 5 and Lion.
  • When you drag the navigator to be wider, you saw a vertical white bar obscuring some of the sheet names. This could be fixed by changing a choice in System Preferences, so was not apparent on all computers.
  • Automatic recovery of files sometimes crashed Prism.
  • Imported tiff or png image files that contained an alpha channel would show as a red cross instead of the imported picture.
  • Prism 5 would crash when opening Prism 6 project with very long column titles in the data table.
  • Prism would not launch if the Arial font was missing on the computer.

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