What's new in Prism 7.0d for Mac?

Last modified October 27, 2017

This lists new features in GraphPad Prism 7.0d for Mac. What was new in 7.0c? What was new in 7.0b?  

Analysis bugs

Other problems

  • When run under MacOS High Sierra, it was not possible to set options when exporting graphs or layouts. 
  • After Magic, when you visited a graph, the New Graph dialog would sometimes pop up.
  • Prism can crash when sheet, column or row titles include these characters: '%s'/ '%ls'/ '%S'
  • If you deleted a Heatmap legend, it could come back when put that graph on a layout.
  • Pasted (or imported) images can change aspect ratio.
  • Color of fit curve may not match data set, if some data sets are removed from the analysis. 
  • Prism sometimes crashed after deleting a graph.
  • Opacity settings were lost in color schemes. 

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