How can I transfer my license to a new computer?

Last modified August 24, 2018

For Prism 7/8:

With a Prism individual license (either a personal subscription or a perpetual license):
Write to us at with your Prism serial number and we'll be happy to help you transfer to your replacement computer. 

If you've activated under an annual Prism group subscription license:
Contact your software/license administrator for assistance (group licenses are distributed internally). 

For Prism 6:

You'll first need to make sure that Prism on your old computer is updated to the latest release (6.07/6.0h). This latest release allows us to remotely deactivate Prism, which will free up an activation for the new computer. To update, while running Prism, drop the Help menu and choose Check For Updates.

Once you have updated to the current release, and when you are ready to install on the new computer, just write to us at with your serial number to let us know and we will permanently deactivate Prism from the old computer and send you a new download link so you can install Prism on the new computer.

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