How can I find my serial number?

Prism serial numbers look vaguely like this: GPS-1123456-ABCD-1234

When you run Prism for the first time on a computer, you'll need to enter the full serial number, which you receive when you purchase Prism. 

We ask that you include your serial number when you request technical or upgrade support. If GraphPad Prism is installed and has been run at least once on your computer, it is easy to find the main part of your serial number. 

  1. Launch the program
  2. Drop the "Help" menu (Windows) or the "Prism" menu (Macintosh OS X)
  3. Choose "About Prism"

The About dialog will appear, and will show part of the serial number like this:  GPS-1123456-####-####  The digits shown are enough for us to uniquely identify your serial number (when you request support). However, these digits are not sufficient to install Prism on a new computer, or to order an upgrade via self-service. For this, you need the full serial number with nothing masked by # symbols. If you can't find your receipt, write to and we'll help.

With Prism 6 and later, you can also see your Prism machine ID in the About dialog.

If you can no longer run the program, submit your request at Include the name and address of the registered owner, and the program for which you need the serial number. Details such as the order number or date will help too. We'll do our best to find you in our database, and email your serial number.

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