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How to plot a function with Prism.

FAQ# 1578    Last Modified 21-February-2010

 GraphPad Prism 5 makes it easy to plot any function you want. To do this, start from any graph or data table, click Analyze, choose the "Simulate and Generate" family of analyses, and finally choose "Create a family of theoretical curves". 

Within the parameters dialog for that analysis, choose a range of X values, choose the equation, and enter values of the parameters. You can define a family of functions, all using the same equation but with different parameter values. 


  • This analysis is unique in Prism. The other analyses, as the name suggests, analyze data. This one creates curves from an equation and parameter values you enter in the dialog. No data are analyzed.
  • Distinguish plotting a function from fitting a curve with nonlinear regression. When you plot a function, you must provide values for all the parameters in the equation. When you use nonlinear regression, Prism finds the best-fit values for some or all of the parameters (you can set the values of some in the Constraints tab). 
  • Learn how to plot the z, t, F or chi-square distribution or the binomial or Poisson distribution. 


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