What's new in GraphPad Prism 7.05 for Windows?

This page lists new features and fixes in GraphPad Prism 7.05 for Windows. What was new in 7.04What was new in 7.03?   What was new in 7.02?    What was new in 7.01?     

New functionality

  • Update notifications for when new versions of Prism are released -- helps you stay up-to-date with the latest version of Prism.
  • Support for seamless subscription renewal without requiring new serial numbers and activation codes. Learn more: Personal subscriptions, Group subscriptions


  • Improved the algorithm used by the Dunnett test when the sample sizes are unequal. Details
  • Fixed bug in some results of the test for linear trend following repeated measures one-way ANOVA. Details


  • Improved Prism's performance when opening files (or switching between sheets) with embedded data present in data sheets.
  • Improved auto-recovering feature so that Prism does not crash when opening slightly damaged Prism files.

Bug fixes

  • The whisker went from top to bottom going over the box in XY box-whisker plots. 
  • Auto initial values are not calculated and 'Initial values are not defined ...' alert appears when dataset with single Y value was included in the Nonlinear Regression analysis. 
  • Graph was always pasted to MS Office with a white background color, regardless of the option set for copying background color in Preferences.
  • Items in the autocomplete list became corrupted after entering long titles that contain text in different formatting.
  • Incorrect error bar on XY graph after changing the range of left Y axis so that more than half of the upper error bar extended beyond the graph limit.
  • Highlighted sheet name appeared blacked out in the gallery mode after re-opening Prism Mac project in Prism Win.
  • Column titles did not update on a linked graph when they are changed on a data table after creating a new graph for each data set from the Linear regression.
  • Wrong data point was updated when you right clicked on a symbol of a graph a graph with a logarithmic axis when there is a negative value in a data table. 

Prevent crashing in unusual situations

  • On drawing zig-zag lines.
  • On hovering the cursor over the Change toolbar when Graph folder is opened in the Gallery mode and no sheet is selected.
  • When attempting to save an XY data table to a *.pzfx file if X column was formatted as a series and the data was deleted.
  • After clicking the 'Add' button in the 'Format Graph' dialog before 'You have not chosen any data sets to place' alert appears.
  • After adding several linked data, visiting the graph sheet and performing several undo operations.
  • After pasting embedded or linked MS Excel object to Prism and switching to a graph several times.
  • On opening several Preferences dialogs while in the Export dialog.
  • On opening PZF/PZFX files created in Mac Prism 5 when there was an attempt to create more than 500 results sheets.
  • On creating many recursive analyzes.
  • When switching to Info Notes after canceling inserting special characters to Info Constant/Value cell.


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