What's new in GraphPad Prism 7.0e for Mac?

This lists new features and fixes in GraphPad Prism 7.0e for Mac. What was new in 7.0d? What was new in 7.0c? What was new in 7.0b?  

New functionality

  • Update notifications for when new versions of Prism are released -- helps you stay up-to-date with the latest version of Prism.
  • Support for seamless subscription renewal without requiring new serial numbers and activation codes. Learn more: Personal subscriptions, Group subscriptions


  • We improved the algorithm used by the Dunnett test when the sample sizes are unequal. Details
  • Fixed bug in some results of the test for linear trend following repeated measures one-way ANOVA. Details


  • An improved auto-recovering feature so that Prism does not crash when opening slightly damaged Prism files.

Bug fixes

  • The whisker went from top to bottom going over the box in XY box-whisker plots. 
  • Incorrect error bar on XY graph after changing the range of left Y axis so that more than half of the upper error bar extended beyond the graph limit.
  • Highlighted sheet name appeared blacked out in the gallery mode after re-opening Prism Mac project in Prism Win.
  • The 'shape' dropdown in the 'Format Graph' dialog does not stay open long enough to select a shape.
  • Part of the Export dialog is black on recent macOS versions.
  • Multiple cells selected (when only one should be) when clicking on any cell with font size larger than 15 pt.
  • Column titles being lost in newly created data table created through duplicating when corresponding data sets were previously deleted and re-entered in the source table.
  • Prism freezes when trying to create a series if a row is selected.
  • Graphs pasted to MS PowerPoint did not retain a clear background color

Prevent crashing in unusual situations

  • On opening PZF/PZFX files created in Mac Prism 5 when there was an attempt to create more than 500 results sheets.
  • On invoking and canceling 'Clone Example' dialog using the keyboard keys.

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